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kõige maalitum järv 2018

I am a freelancer painting artist.

I have studied painting and drawing with Alo Aarsalu, Paul Saar, Heldur Viires and Aapo Pukk. I have been participating in exhibitions since 2003.

I am fascinated by landscapes, nudes, and portraits. Lately more and more captivated by abstracts.

After three years of teaching painting at the Konrad Mägi Studio in Tartu, I put it on pause to study in Estonian Academy of Arts.

When I paint, I can think with my heart, I can be free and limitless. It is more of a not-doing than doing. I am forever fascinated by mixing colors, enjoying the subtle nuances that appear out of nowhere.

I translate the world I see, into colors, adding a part of unseen. To create rich tones that would complement the vision I am pursuing, I often use a limited palette.

Through experience, I have gained knowledge of conveying a certain motif and the atmosphere of a moment without losing oneself to presenting unnecessary detail.

In painting, I am excited by contrasts. Sometimes, an apparent plainness could turn into needed contrast to bring about what was not seen before.  I prefer to leave more space to unknown. In this spaciousness, the perception of a witness can occur exactly where he or she is at. Seeing is not to be taken for granted. This is an ability to be trained to become a mastery. 

To grow and to tackle my fears, I have to be seen with them. 

Not to share my joy, would be a sin.

That’s why I am here. With gratitude.

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